Brian Robertson (@h1brian @HolacracyOne) on a new management system for a changing world

May 22, 2019

In this podcast Brian Robertson discussed his book and a organizational framework: Holacracy. He shared his insights into some of the pitfalls in today’s organizational hierarchies. He build up a case on why Holacracy would be a considerable supplement to current organizational structures and would provide businesses safeguards from the leaks and pitfalls of inefficiencies in traditional structures. This is a great podcast for anyone looking forward to alternatives to their organizational structures.

1:16 Brian’s journey.
6:23 Brian’s typical day.
7:58 Introducing Holacracy.
12:25 Convincing organizations on holacracy framework.
16:51 Breaking rigid organizational structures.
23:25 Introducing holacracy in organizational bureaucracies.
29:26 The right time for seek for an organizational structural change.
31:54 Deploying holacracy.
37:17 Ideal companies for holacracy.
39:28 Deploying holacracy in a large company.
44:07 Things an employee can do to change organizational framework.
48:25 Future of holacracy.
52:30 Brian’s success mantra.
54:04 Brian’s favorite reads.
55:16 Closing remarks.
Brian’s Recommended Read:
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen, James Fallows

Brian’s Book:
Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World by Brian J. Robertson


Podcast Link:

Brian’s BIO:
Brian Robertson is a seasoned entrepreneur and organization builder, and a recovering CEO – a job he now helps free others from with Holacracy. Generally regarded as the primary developer of the system, Brian’s work allows leaders to release the reins of personal power and persuasion into a trustworthy and explicit governance process. Brian also serves as the drafter and steward of the Holacracy Constitution, which captures the system’s unique “rules of the game” in concrete form. Beyond joyfully crafting legal documents, Brian’s creative expression takes many forms – he co-founded HolacracyOne to support Holacracy’s growth, and he fills and loves a broad variety of the company’s roles. He’s particularly grateful to hold no fancy titles and wield no special powers, so he can show up as just another partner doing his part to support something he cares about.

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