Building People Organization for Startups – Rick Pereira(@tappingtalent) #JobsOfFuture #Podcast

December 12, 2018

In this podcast Rick Pereira, CPO, Slice talks about his journey through scaling a startup. He shared some tactical steps and mindset that is needed to transform a startups to growth mindset company. He shared his perspective on what startup HR leaders could do to help scale their startup through transformative times. Session is relevant for startup hr leaders.

2:01 Rick’s journey.
5:15 Rick’s typical day.
7:22 Scaling a company.
9:57 Evolution of Rick’s role in Slice.
12:30 Where do mid size companies do wrong.
14:45 Hacks for spreading cultural change in an organization.
17:18 Ensuring tjat global organizations apreciate local culture.
18:55 Tips to appreciate the local essence of a brand.
20:54 Ensuring that workers are updated with technological developments.
23:33 Ensuring workers are benefiting from company insentives.
26:14 Ensuring that employees keep innovating.
27:54 Attracting good talent.
29:50 Creating an organization that is future safe.
32:31 Initial strategic steps for a new company.
36:30 Creating a culture of collaboration.
38:38 Future of HR.
40:35 Traits of a chief people officer.
42:58 Rick’s experience in working in different roles.
44:29 Rick’s army of mentors.
47:16 Rick’s success mantra.
49:39 Rick’s favorite reads.
51:23 Closing remarks.

Rick’s Recommended Read:
Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead by Laszlo Bock

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Rick’s BIO:
Rick Pereira, Chief People Officer / Slice , Where he was hired as the first hire in HR that has grown the team from 50 to 450 in 2 years in 3 countries.

Rick has a long track record of successfully scaling startups while maintaining an agile, entrepreneurial, and collaborative culture. Prior to joining Slice, he was SVP, Head of People at Crowdtap and developed a work culture recognized three years in a row as a best place to work in NYC, per Crain’s New York, as well as other accolades celebrating a dynamic work environment.

Prior to joining Crowdtap, Rick was Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition at CheapOair, during which time the company generated the most profit with the lowest employee turnover rate in company history and ranked as the #2 Online Travel Agency, surpassing Priceline, Orbitz and Travelocity. While at CheapOair, Rick developed and implemented a global recruitment strategy across India, the UK, Canada, Las Vegas, and New York.

Outside of Slice, Rick has continued advising startups on various talent and people projects. Rick is currently developing a nonprofit, Army of Mentors, which connects veterans with People leaders in their desired industry to foster career mentorship and assist with reentry to the civilian workforce.

About #Podcast:
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