In this podcast, Chuck Blakeman discussed the importance of humanizing the workforce. He shared his thoughts on the current hierarchical organizational structure and shared the impact of distributed decision management systems/models to humanize a corporation. He shared some insights into successes and failures with the current organizational structure and what some leaders could do today to prepare their organization for the future. Session is a great watch for aspiring leaders preparing a team that plays a significant role in defining jobs of the future.

In this podcast Tony Bridwell discussed the fabric of people driven compassionate organization. He sheds lights on important of building a purpose driven organization and the ways today’s leaders could build organizations of tomorrow. Tony also suggested most important ingredient of HR organization. This podcast is a great watch/listen for HR leaders looking to build a progressive and compassionate organization.

In this podcast, Nathan Furr(@nathan_furr) talked about leading transformation. He shared some of the crucial ingredients of transformational leaders. He shed some light on how businesses could improve their storytelling to get the transformation agenda across. He shared some cool tips and tricks that help transformation leaders on planning for a transformation across data-driven and disruptive times.