Defining the Future of Jobs in the Midst of AI Revolution #TAOCast

Defining the Future of Jobs in the Midst of AI Revolution #TAOCast

As AI is disrupting every aspect of our lives, ever wonder how is it impacting our future of jobs and work and how businesses are preparing themselves to take advantage of this new trend. Boston’s finest startups disrupting and defining the future of jobs/work landscape will come together and sit on a panel to discuss. This is a must-attend conversation about the future of jobs in the midst of AI revolution. The future of work is changing rapidly and success criteria are also getting redefined. Come and join one of the most important conversations in our professional lives. This session would be a glimpse into what is happening in workspace, how our jobs would transform in the future and how we could change to cope up. There would be insights on how to best navigate our trajectory so we are always relevant and have access to relevant resources in this disrupting future.

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Vishal Kumar

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In the age of technology, I am in search of #FutureofWork, and the role of Artificial Intelligence in it!

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