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June 4, 2020

In this podcast, Rob Chestnut sheds light on creating an ethical organization and proclivity intentional integrity to help create an organization with strong values. She shared how organizations with sound moral values outperform organizations that don’t. He also shared how any organization could transform into organizations with ethical values by practicing intentional integrity. The session is an excellent watch for aspiring leaders preparing a team that plays a significant role in defining ethical organization.


1:50 Rob role in Airbnb.
4:06 The need for having a chief ethics officer.
8:23 About Intentional integrity.
10:05 Chief eithics officers aiding the leadership.
11:55 Ethics in the time of capitalism.
15:36 Who should be own ethics within the company.
19:04 Planning ethics in an organization.
25:25 How to deal with unethical practises in an organization?
31:25 Confronting unethical behavior.
34:42 Ethics in hyper growth companies.
45:20 Responsibility of a chief ethics officer.
47:55 Being transparent during crisis.
54:37 Rob’s success mantra.
57:08 Rob’s favorite reads.
58:46 Closing remark.

Rob’s Book:
Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution by Robert Chesnut amzn.to/2Xi7SSG

Rob’s Recommended Read:
Positivity: Top-notch Research Reveals the 3 to 1 Ratio That Will Change Your Life by Barbara L. Fredrickson amzn.to/39WkUIe

Podcast Link:
iTunes: math.im/jofitunes
Youtube: math.im/jofyoutube

Rob’s BIO:
Rob Chesnut is the Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb, a role he took on in late 2019 after nearly four years as the company’s General Counsel. He previously led eBay’s North America legal team, where he founded the Internet’s first e-commerce person to person platform Trust and Safety team. He was the general counsel at Chegg, Inc. for nearly six years, and he served 14 years with the U.S. Justice Department, where he prosecuted CIA employee Aldrich Ames for espionage. He is the author of Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution (St Martin’s Press, 2020).

Read more at: https://work2.org/discussing-intentionalintegrity-and-futureofwork-with-chestnutrob-airbnb-on-work-2-0-podcast-futureofwork-work2dot0-podcast/

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