Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work by @ASophieWade

In this podcast @ ASophieWade shared her perspective on #FutureOfWork. She discussed how businesses, leaders and professionals could work towards ensuring they embrace growth and change in progressive way. She discussed what are some things businesses could do to keep inviting top talent and embrace gig economy to build strong and efficient companies. This is a great podcast for anyone looking to understand the future of work and how businesses could effectively prepare themselves for growing in times of change.

1:42 Sophie’s journey.
5:49 On Embracing Progress: Next Steps For The Future Of Work.
8:57 Decentralization in the workforce.
13:15 Organization embracing progress.
17:19 Maintaining culture of company in the times of change.
20:08 Leadership embracing progress.
24:35 Proffesstionals embracing progress.
26:31 Company culture impacted by progress.
29:33 An example of an organization embracing progess correctly.
33:30 How can a distributed company attract good talent.
37:28 The role of technology in the future of work.
42:00 Companies using their assets well.
48:42 On gig economy.
53:48 Identifying skills within an organization vs hiring new employees.
59:28 Opportunities in today’s workplaces.
1:03:56 Sophie’s success mantra.
1:07:05 Sophie’s favorite reads.
1:09:15 Closing remarks.

Sophie Book:
Embracing Progress: Next Steps For The Future Of Work by A. Sophie Wade

Sophie’s Recommended Read:
Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

Podcast Link:

Sophie’s BIO:
Sophie Wade is author of Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work, which is an Executive MBA Program textbook. She has held senior management, strategy and finance roles around the world, working in media, technology, and venture capital, for companies such as IMG and Yahoo. Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from top international business school, INSEAD.

Sophie is a prominent speaker and writer on Future of Work topics. She is also Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network, a Future-of-Work-focused consultancy. Through intelligence briefings and transformative workshops, Sophie helps companies to future-proof their work environments and create compelling, competitive, and digitally-integrated workplaces to attract, engage and retain their multigenerational and distributed talent.

About #Podcast:
#JobsOfFuture is created to spark the conversation around the future of work, worker and workplace. This podcast invite movers and shakers in the industry who are shaping or helping us understand the transformation in work.

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