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October 9, 2019


Let’s talk about Top Talent Analytics challenge. But before that we welcome you to HR tips and in our hr tips, we bring insights that we have captured working with industry’s best hr executives, hr teams, talent analytics teams, professionals, authors of bestselling work in the field of Future Award and professors that we interact with top leaders.

And we bring some of the key insights right in the front so we all could have a meaningful conversation about how some of these things are impacting their hr in an organization and its future.

So we do appreciate your time. If you like what you’re seeing. We appreciate your subscribe and share within your communities. Thank you so much. So today we talk about something very interesting that’s very close to our heart, that we know almost every company gets it even in our circle.

We are seeing lot of businesses investing in talent analytics right. And one other thing that really stood out in our conversation with these talent analytics team, in our interactions were– one thing that really stands out. And if you’re a talent analytics professional you get it. It is– your biggest challenge is not talent or analytics right.

So as we know Talent Analytics uses analytics to help understand talent. The biggest challenge talent analytics is facing today is the mindset or the culture of deploying Talent Analytics to empower workers.

So if you look in an organization, Talent Analytics is as good as that data that feeds into Talent Analytics. So that helps them analyze and data somehow has a better correlation with the maturity of your organization. If you’re more mature, you are more methodical in doing things, you are more methodical in capturing insights, sharing, creating best practices, creating centers of excellence that you use to improve momentarily audit or occasionally but lack of it really hit you hard.

And most organization that we interact with they have done a fabulous job in hiring some of the best professionals in talent analytics side of the domain but they lack when it comes to understanding the maturity, understanding where these organizations lie. What are some of the things that are facing them and what will happen if you have less understanding of your maturity?

So you would deploy a talent analytics team, they will start working from their vantage point but they would have a hard time understanding where to start. They have a hard time understanding where to focus because these guys are not very cheap for an organization. You are investing a lot of money and resources in creating a good talent analytics arm.

But if they don’t know where to invest everything goes out so as an organization you have to build that mindset. You have to build the culture. You have to build the support system that these Talent Analytics division or arm should get that will help them energize and understand your organization and then start helping you back and what is happening today; if you we see what is happening today every organization is hiring amazing talent in the Talent Analytics division.

So they get it, they get it done so that they can participate in talent analytics no one can doubt that. We all get it. What then we feel is helping create the understanding of how to actually use these workers that ultimately will help back these organizations stay relevant and how to get started on this.

Like what should what should we do. So we should really focus on creating the culture. We should really invest our time in understanding our organization because bunch of things would happen once we have an understanding of our organization. We would understand what are some of the leading areas where we could be trendsetters, where we could be– where we are leading the curve when it comes to understanding the majority or where we are lacking right and in many aspect even that information generate a lot of insights for an organization.

It gets you– it helps organization understand your bias. If suppose you are in [Inaudible 05:03] division and certain divisions are not really empowered it will show up in that radar.

So one of the best things that we suggest to people that we work with or we talk to is: for first few maybe your first year and first few months. Think of your talent analytics division as a transformation project.

So help these guys understand the operating model for your business. Help them understand in this case the operating model from their vantage point because that will help these organizations understand which parts are mature, which parts are not. It will help them visualize the pin point that the organization is seeing from the talent perspective.

Talent is still today the most important bite in any organization and it is the biggest cost center in many ways if it’s not done right and it could be the biggest asset. We have seen that number of times that could generate enormous success for an organization if it’s done right.

So when you get your talent analytics team deployed, help them understand the maturity of an organization and one of the fastest way; on day one you could do create concepts, create support groups, have this talent analytics team members go out and create focus groups within organizations and which or at least discussion groups in which they can understand what’s going on, they can understand the maturity and have them log everything as if it’s a transformational project because that will give you long insights and data that even your land managers could use in understanding their understanding of their organization.

Because many times we are so busy in executing we rarely get any time to understand the health of our organization and this is a great opportunity. And even when we have increase anxiety on using automation in our division to cut down on the cost and improve on the productivity, it’s all the more important to understand the workers and their role and how to keep them motivated. And what are some of the inherent qualities that these guys carry that you could exploit and use in their favor so they can even grow at the same point help your organization grow.

So talent analytics is extremely important. Needless to say we all know that.  Talent analytics needs to know the maturity that is paramount to their success. If you know the maturity you can do something about it. And Talent Analytics would at the end, if done right; they would identify the maturity and from there on laid the groundwork needed to get the data that they would need.

So give them ample support, be empathetic to their problem, give them support, give them autonomy so they can work as an independent entity understanding the organization and give them the I.T. support that they need because they are data heavy, they are analytics savvy, they are smart people.

Don’t let them get bogged down in fighting your tactical battles. At first, great opportunity for you, help them understand your operating model, help them understand your inefficiencies and let them present it back to you.

So you could see from their vantage point what do they see. Because many times you never know, a lot of great insights would come out of it and that would be friends, a great way to empower your organization and that would fix the biggest challenge in talent analytics today.

That’s the mindset of what to do with talent analytics, mindset or the culture that could use the talent analytics in a most efficient way that will help you succeed. Thank you so much everyone for watching the video. If you like what you’re seeing do subscribe and till next episode good luck and take care.

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