#Episode54: Taking the Road to Success Through #FailMore by @BillWooditch #Work2dot0

June 26, 2019

In this podcast Bill Wooditch shared his journey and experience and how it has impacted his failure into the key ingredients of success. He shared his book FailMore and various aspects of failure, fear, and rationale thinking. Session is a great watch for aspiring leaders preparing a team that plays a significant role in defining jobs of future.

1:26 Bill’s journey.
4:01 Appreciating failure.
5:08 The saturated landscape of insurance.
7:13 Advice for entrepreneurs who’re venturing into a crowded space.
8:21 Staying sane during failure.
10:39 Inspiration behind FailMore.
12:45 Why write FailMore.
14:00 Research behind FailMore.
14:59 Risk of acting quickly and failing.
16:25 Evaluating failure.
17:55 Avoiding fear of failure.
19:46 Key takeaways from FailMore.
21:56 Fear caused by being rational.
23:45 Anticipating failure.
25:48 Anatomy of decision making.
26:49 Confirmation bias.
29:35 Keeping the ego out of decision making.
31:14 How do you write a book about failure?
33:26 Challenges in writing the book.
34:25 Expectations from FailMore.
35:15 Misconceptions about failure.
36:53 Bill’s success mantra.
38:14 Bill’s favorite reads.
39:32 Closing remarks.

Bill’s Recommended Read:
Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips https://amzn.to/2K0h18Q

Podcast Link:
iTunes: http://math.im/wpitunes
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Bill’s BIO:
Bill Wooditch is the founder and CEO of The Wooditch Group, a risk-management and corporate insurance firm with annual sales of $100 million. He works with Fortune 500 companies like AIG, Old Republic, Zurich, and Bank of America to improve their sales and leadership. Wooditch’s keynotes include the National Sales Conference for MetaBank and the National Annual Meeting for Boy Scouts of America. He appears regularly on Steve Harvey’s “Act like a Success” show and has also appeared on CNBC, Fox, and CBS. He has written for Inc., New York Daily News, and the American Management Association.

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Taking the Road to Success Through #FailMore by @BillWooditch #Work2dot0 Podcast #FutureOfWork #JobsOfFuture

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