Eric McNulty (@richer_earth) on leading the future in crises on Work 2.0 Podcast

In this podcast, Eric McNulty (@richer_earth) discussed the importance of listening as a leader and shared some views on how businesses and government bodies could handle crises. This is a great conversation on crisis management. A must recommend for leaders who work in the forefront and had to deal with crisis management.

1:20 Eric’s journey.
5:17 Eric’s typical day.
9:40 Change of leadership style during crisis times.
11:53 What makes a great crisis leader.
18:36 Outsourcing crisis.
21:09 Preparing for a crisis.
25:36 Common purposes that unites employees.
30:05 How to know if you are in a panic mode?
33:00 Passive panic situations.
35:28 Reacting to crisis.
40:20 Keeping oneself in check during crisis.
49:05 Are we getting at dealing with crisis?
52:00 Surprises while researching Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration.
54:00 Differences in normal times and crisis moments.
56:55 Having a process for crisis times.
59:09 Things a low level employee can do prevent crisis.
1:04:25 Eric’s success mantra.
1:07:09 Eric’s favorite reads.
1:08:41 Closing remarks.

Eric’s Recommended Read:
Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips

Podcast Link:

Eric’s BIO:
ERIC J. MCNULTY, MA, serves as associate director for the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and the Harvard T. H. Chan Program for Health Care Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and is also an instructor at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. A contributing editor and columnist at Strategy+Business magazine, he has written for Harvard Business Review, among many noted publications and websites. He is the co-author of the second edition of Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration.

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