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Discussing #FutureOfWork & Work2.0 with Federico Demarin, SVP HR, 3SixtyDutyFree. In this session, Federico discussed some of the critical ways leaders could prepare their organization to stay on the course of development through the pandemic. He sheds light on some of the critical tenets of HR leadership required to take the organization to the future of work.

Guest: Federico Demarin SVP HR, 3SixtyDutyFree
Federico Demarin, Human Resources executive with +20 years of HR experience in renowned global companies such as Thomson-Reuters and Swarovski, where he occupied local, regional, and global roles.
Currently, the Senior Vice President Human Resources for 3Sixty Duty-Free, Travel Retail company specialized in helping consumers and businesses access the enticing world of Duty-Free and travel retail. He is the global HR leader reporting to the company’s Vice-Chairman, and accountable for HR strategy, execution, and employee experience.
Professional Coach and Certified EQ Practitioner, providing professional consulting services to organizations and Educational Institutions around topics such as Organizational Development, HR Startups, Employee Value Proposition, Leadership, Team Building, retail, and luxury.
He is also an MBA professor for ESDEN Institute of Spain in Mexico & Colombia; and SKEMA Executive Education institute in France & China.

Federico’s Recommendations:
The Infinite Game

Discussion Timeline:

Some questions we covered:
1. Starter: Give your starter pitch 1 point that you wish as a central theme.
2. Vishal briefly introduce guest
3. What is the state of organizations today?
4. How to control an organization when the control lies outside[pandemic]
5. How is automation impacting the state of organizations?
6. What does it mean to learn/develop a worker, in the age of work?
7. Name an inspirational role model when it comes to organizations led around people?
8. How to lead an organization into the future?
9. What is the role of a leader in #FutureOfWork
10. What are some common traits that you see inspiration leaders have?
11. How to handle toxic leadership?
12. People get hired for culture but leave for managers, how to bridge the gap?
13. Who is your inspirational role model when it comes to leaders leading organizations into the future?
14. What are 1-3 best practices that you think are the key to success in your journey?
15. Do you have any favorite read?
16. As a closing remark, what would you like to tell our audience?

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