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World's Largest Connected Virtual Job Fair / Career Expo

AI-powered globally connected virtual job fair/career expo conducted on the 1st Friday of every month from 11 am - 2 pm local time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


You need to be at the Dashboard, Click JobFair in the menu. All matched candidates would be added to the JobFair

It is never too late. TAO.ai is designed to scoop candidates/seekers every 30min, so you should be fine (as long as you have 1hour spare to take advantage of the show).

Collectively, there are 170,000 seekers and 7000 recruiters participate in these job fair globally. TAO.ai does each recruiter/seeker mapping, and we do not have visibility into numbers as they vary for every geography or demography. So we won't be able to answer that.

Here are a bunch of signup options:
1. Coming from Eventbrite/Meetup:
    a) Read the description of the Eventbrite / meetup for the event link; it should be a link that ends with /hires/job fair.
    b) Go to that link. Login/Register by clicking the register/signup button
    c) Once registered signup, again visit the link that ends with /hires/job fair and RSVP as a recruiter(if you are recruiter) or job seeker(if you are a candidate)
    d) Completely fill-up the settings page
    e) Wait for an email from TAO.ai about the match

2. Coming from Google/Facebook/Linkedin:
    a) Read the description for the link that ends with /hires/job fair (it should be something link https://jobsoffice.org/hires/jobfair)
    b) Go to that link. Login/Register by clicking the register/signup button
    c) Once registered signup, again visit the link that ends with /hires/job fair and RSVP as a recruiter(if you are recruiter) or job seeker(if you are a candidate)
    d) Completely fill-up the settings page
    e) Wait for an email from TAO.ai about the match

There are 4 events that are of importance:
1. Events are conducted on First Friday of every month, 11am to 2pm your local time
2. 3 days before the event, TAO.ai reached out to recruiters preparing them to post jobs on JobChat application
3. About 24 hour to 48 hours before the event, TAO.ai emails seekers about matches requesting seekers to approve recruiters for connection
4. About 48hour before the event, the jobfair goes in "Soft Launch" which enabled Seekers and Recruiters to see approved matches on the dashboard

In URL on the login page, change "wp-login.php" with "jointheclub" or vice versa. This should bring you the signup page.

Try using an incognito browser to make sure brochure cache is not the problem. If the problem persists, wait for 5min to 10min, try again using the incognito browser. If the problem still exists, please take a snapshot of the problem, attach it to this email, and reply.

Due to lack of resources, we would suggest you respond to this email with details, and we would be in touch to set up some time to chat for us.

Please email back suggesting how you could help with our vision of connecting everyone to career opportunities. We want to hear from you.

You will be instructed to approve the connection of engage with them.

TAO.ai is designed to ensure only relevant connections happen. So, we will only enable conversation that are matched by TAO.ai and approved by the participating members. So, in case of no match, please keep a lookout on your email(including SPAM folder). We revisit the match every 5mins and update.

No! JobFair is meant to maximize the employment and therefore we have connected jobfairs from all of our partner websites into one giant virtual fair that maximize the impact and expose the community members to outside opportunities as well.

Yes, there are sections in your profile setup where you could enable the right flag. We have opportunities that are open to specific group.

In 2020 jobfair is only open to job seeker and recruiter, but we are planning to broaden the reach to other service groups as well. Please check back around Q1 2022 for more info.

Please email us your concerns/thoughts/suggestions to info@tao.ai describing the situation appropriately. Due to limited staff, we may be late, but we make it a certain to respond to every query.

Short answer is no, this jobfair is premapped by an AI and then validated by Seeker before the options are made public. So, there is no other way but to lookout for emails from TAO.ai or checking your dashboard for more information.

Currently there is no provision for service providers in Hires JobFair, but we are planning to rollout a version of JobFair with the plan for service provider. We are expecting the product to showup by Q1 2022. Please keep a lookout on email from TAO.ai about service provider participation.

There will be no email provided with participating matches, users would be able to see the list by visiting the dashboard. If your profile is matched, 24hours before the start of the event, you will be shown the participating list to approve and connect.

No link is provided. On the jobfair date/time, visit this page or JobFair on next steps.

    Job Seeker

You will be informed in last 48hours from the event about the matched recruiters that you could chat with.

Recruiters are looking for start to mid level job positions within their organization

TAO.ai will email you about the match, and you could decide to engage. TAO.ai learn from the matches and their success to keep ensuring new matches leads to better outcomes.

You don't. Please keep your profile upto date to ensure TAO.ai could best serve you.

If your instructed about the matches, you should:
- Appear to the virtual jobfair in business casual attire.
- Join with a friend(if you are nervous). They can provide moral support.
- Anxious? Let the other member know, and try your best to keep it calm.
- Be prepared to give a 30-60 second elevator pitch (a quick synopsis of your background).
- Make sure to followup later to keep the conversation going.

Yes, visit JobChat application for more info.

Yes, we are always on a lookout for professionals who could join our mission to bring connected opportunities and learning to masses. Please email us your concerns to info@tao.ai


To help expedite hiring during covid, we have made JobFair #FREE till May 2022. We will revisit the fee plan on Nov 15th

Yes, we could. Please email us your concerns to info@tao.ai.

We have an additional service specially dedicated to support bulk or special hiring needs, and we would be eager to engage and support you. Please email us your concerns to info@tao.ai

Yes, our tool is currently serving 22 communities, so we would love to work with you. Please email us your concerns to info@tao.ai

This is a virtual event, and all the seekers and recruiters needs to create their own account to participate. They are more than welcome to create their own account on JobFair platform to be considered

    About Hires

THires is a Career Development Platform that is designed to run on any WordPress-powered community. Designed with you in mind, Hires provides a platform where you can connect with job opportunities, attend career growth and development events, and seek advice from peers and experts. In addition, Hires constantly adds more communities TAOHub, which each member in Hires Community could connect with, thereby ensuring you are never alone in your pursuit for growth and always have access to the supporting ecosystem.

Hires mean so many things to so many people; some examples: If you are a professional, Hires is equipped with goodies to ensure you have the knowledge, network, and insights you need to find a successful aspirational career and opportunities...

If you are seeking talent, Hires provides opportunities and events for you to indulge and find connections to your aspirational hires. If you could assist someone through your service, Hires providers events, and chat conversation for you to engage with communities who could benefit from you and help forge a win-win relationship.

Hires works on the TAO.ai platform that contains two basic elements to assist:
1. Network Effect(Engage with more), and
2. Engagement AI(Engage more).

So, to take advantage and find your success through Hires, engage with as many communities who could benefit from you to take advantage of Network Effect, and the more you engage, the more AI could give back and assist you with targeted support. So, the most successful members on the platform are the most active members that strive to help others and, in return, get helped by the community and the platform.

To join Hires as user:

1: Click "Hires" link from Navigator Menu
2: Click Signup Button to login/register with the website
3: Come back to Hires FAQ Page and click Settings link from Navigator Menu and complete setting to get signed-up with Hires

If you are logged in, check "Settings" Link on Navigator Menu, look for "Subscribe to Career Development Newsletter" option. Select to subscriber or unselect to unsubscribe from email Newsletter

Hires Hub connects professionals from many community websites (like energy, construction, etc.) to a platform where all can access all the products and services from Hires. So, you just need to sign up on one website and fill in your settings and preferences to target services and products based on your needs. However, many partners run exclusive programming specific to their platform that may not be available across all platforms. So, typically signup once will sign you up across all, but for platform-specific activities, you may need to signup on platforms that provide exclusive events to their members

If you are logged in, Visit your setting page, and look for the last tab, Delete Account.

* Read the instructions carefully to understand how delete will handle your account. Once you issue a confirmation with deleting, you will be sent an email to complete the deletion process. You are always welcome back to create your account again at a later date when appropriate.

Hires is a WordPress plugin with a digital twin Worker1, which is direct to website installation. If you run a community and seeking digital solutions to assist your community in finding employment and connect with a global TAO hub to take advantage of AI and Network and create a win-win-win alliance for your community, yourself, and TAO, we would love to engage and explore the opportunity to have your community join TAO hub.

Currently Hires is only supported in US English as language.

    About Us

TAO.ai's products stand by our vision of No Worker Left Behind.
Our Mission is to ensure we deliver scalable technologies that present learning and development solutions that are easy to adapt by 99% of workers and prepare them for tomorrow. We strive to win at our mission by leveraging connected learning and collaborative intelligence.

Hires Plugin with a small flip brings the global TAO community to any website. Hires are designed not to put any additional load on the hosted platform. Hires keep its installation running fast without burdening local facilities. Through our distributed processing, the plugin has increased the traffic on some platforms by as much as 400% in a few weeks. So, suppose you host a website to manage your community online. In that case, Hires could be deployed on your platform within 5min, and your community will never be alone in their pursuit of aspirational careers. If you want to explore the opportunity further, email us at info@tao.ai with the subject mentioning "Community Partnership," and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

Great communities are built through the power of community builders. To appreciate your effort and to empower your strive, as the owner of your hires pod, you will get a percentage of the revenue from jobs/opportunities created through community members on your platform, making Hires a true Win-Win-Win platform.

In 2017, Vishal Kumar, CEO & President AnalyticsWeek, was contacted by a government official to investigate the impact of technology on work. A small investigation led to a big gap in our understanding of learning and the role of technology in enabling it. He tried duck-taping various available products to create a true career development platform for the masses but failed. A constant strive by the team led to the creation of TAO.ai. World's first AI-powered deployable career platform.

With the team being tight-lipped about the product, still, the product has enjoyed 5% weekly growth and empowered workers from 60+ industries. Each of our features is tested to ensure it does not require specialized knowledge to operate and is easy to adapt by most workers.

Our vision of No Worker Left Behind will not be achieved without the collaborative effort from the community of enablers, providers, and experts. If you share the same sentiments, we want to work with you. We have opportunities ranging from creating communities, providing specialized services to our global community, and providing technical support to enable more accessible learning and development for the workforce. We are always on the lookout for partners that share our purpose so that we can win together. If you are aligned with our cause, please reach out at info@tao.ai with information on how we can partner, and we will love to explore it further.

Our success thus far has one secret ingredient: our team members' persistence in standing by our vision and working tirelessly to ensure “No Worker Left Behind.” Are you passionate about our mission & vision and willing to go the extra mile to bring technology to the rescue of those most impacted by it? Then we love to speak with you. We are always on the lookout for amazing talent to help extend our mission for #AIforGood solution. Email us how you could help and share your interest and a copy of your resume with info@tao.ai.


If experiencing any issues with the website, try this first: If you see problems with the website, we ask you to open that page again using incognito or private mode on the browser to ensure the local browser cache is not the source of any problem.

If the issue persists or you wish to report something, please contact our team for support by emailing the snapshot of the problem to info@tao.ai. Please clearly identify the situation in the subject and body of the email, mention the website URL where you see the concerning issue, and the steps you took.

To ensure prompt email delivery [email is the most critical mode for communication between TAO and our wonderful TAOites], add info@we.tao.ai to your contact list. Else make sure to check the SPAM folder as well.

Signing up with Hires is easy. Click HERE or Login/Signup button on top right side of the window and follow along as directed.

Please email your question with this page URL, your email used for signup with Hires, and as much information to help us best help you to info@tao.ai, and we will get back to you shortly.