Kent Billingsley on Fixing Revenue and not just growth


Discussing #FutureOfWork & Work2.0 with Kent. He discussed some of the ways business model success could be achieved by minor changes to the process. Learn how a focus on revenue will get many failing businesses to journey of success.

KENT BILLINGSLEY is the founder and president of the Revenue Growth® Company, LLC. He has become America’s Revenue Growth® Architect by helping thousands of entrepreneurs, and small businesses (representing hundreds of thousands of employees) generate billions in new sales and revenue. He has personally designed, built, transformed, or turbocharged over 1,000 organizations in 36 countries. Billingsley has served in executive and leadership positions in several billion-dollar firms. Over nearly three decades, he has developed thought-leading content and trademarked programs helping thousands of entrepreneurs and their employees become millionaires and multimillionaires from their businesses.

Kent’s Book:
Entrepreneur to Millionaire: How to Build a Highly Profitable, Fast-Growth Company and Become Embarrassingly Rich Doing It Hardcover

Kent’s Recommendations:
Think and Grow Rich

Discussion Timeline:

Some questions we covered:
1. Explain your journey to your current role?
2. Could you share something about your current role?
3. What does your company do?
4. Why write “Entrepreneur to Millionaire book?”?
5. You talk about business growth and revenue growth; what is the difference?
6. What are somethings entrepreneurs are doing wrong about their ability to make money?
7. Who is this book for?
8. What are some quick fixes businesses could do to ensure a faster road to revenue?
9. Walk us through the steps needed to fix business to not only grow as a business but also grow revenue?
10. How much is revenue important in the growth of a business in today’s market tolerance to exceptionally high P/E ratios?
11. What could an employee get away from this book?
12. Where do you think the future of business is going to, how important will it be revenue when the customer touchpoints are evolving? 
13. What are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make today? 
14. What are some surprises you uncovered while writing this book? 
15. What are some misconceptions about revenue that you want to address? 
16. What are 1-3 best practices that you think are the key to success in your journey?
17. Do you have any favorite read?
18. As a closing remark, what would you like to tell our audience?

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