Leadership Meetup Panel.

Panel Title: Leading Work2.0 – Leadership in Future Of Work

Date/Time: Fourth Friday 6p-8p EST

Medium: Over GotoMeeting [Audio(for podcast) / Video(for youtube)] & live telecasted over Youtube broadcast

Template: Conversational, 3-4 pre-vetted questions between 3-4 panelists

Target Listeners/Viewers: Beamed live across WorkATG HR Meetups and shared on podcast shared with 170k global community

Goal: Provide leadership insights/thought leadership for our global community of HR leaders

Live Link:

Meetup Posting Link:

Podcast link:

WorkATG Meetup: WorkATG is a community of HR practitioners working tirelessly to create the foundations of the future of work. WorkATG meetup is designed to spark a conversation that will help people lead organizations into the future by learning about technology, tools, and techniques other practitioners and leaders are using.

Work2.0 Podcast: Work2.0 Podcast is created to celebrate the future of work enablers, leaders, influencers, and academics. The podcast helps the global community make sense of how work/worker/workplace is changing and how we could play an active role.

If you know anyone who is leading the #FutureOfWork in their organization and would be a great addition as a panelist, please introduce us to their profile by emailing

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