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In this podcast, Michael Canic discussed his book Ruthless Consistency, the insights it carries, and shared how his journey has helped him craft a strategy that could work on the testing times. He sheds light on the importance of ruthless consistency and how any leader could adopt it in their day to day activities and succeed in leading.


1:47 Michael’s journey.
3:33 Defining “Making strategy happen”.
5:20 Training leadership in various fields.
7:15 Forming an ideal team.
14:15 Misconceptions of “ruthless consistency”.
16:10 Being consistent and having a strong culture.
17:57 Being consistent and still failing.
19:22 Litmus test for leaders today to be accountable.
24:20 Being a manager and being a coach.
26:44 Managing a failing organization.
29:19 Innovation and ruthless consistency.
30:54 The right amount of change in an organization.
33:16 Success indicators purpose alignment.
34:23 Being consistent in times of disruption.
35:45 Implementing ruthless consistency in a startup.
37:59 Role model companies with the message of ruthless consistency.
39:36 Ruthless consistency in assessing an impeding failure in a company.
41:45 An ideal reader for “Ruthless Consistency”.
43:02 At which stage should a company implement “ruthless consistency”.
44:40 Michael’s success mantra.
47:24 Michael’s favorite reads.
48:50 Parting thoughts.

Michael’s Recommended Read:
Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips

Michael’s Book:
Ruthless Consistency: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change, and Build Organizations That Win by Michael Canic

Podcast Link:

Michael’s BIO:
Michael Canic, Ph.D., is the author of RUTHLESS CONSISTENCY: How Committed Leaders Execute Strategy, Implement Change and Build Organizations That Win (September 1, 2020; McGraw Hill). He is also the president of Making Strategy Happen, a consultancy which helps committed leaders turn ambition into strategy, and strategy into reality. Previously, he managed the consulting division at The Atlanta Consulting Group and held a leadership role at FedEx. Michael earned a Ph.D. in the psychology of human performance from the University of British Columbia. Currently, Michael leads strategic change initiatives in the corporate world and spent the past 25 years consulting with CEOs and top management teams across North America. A former national championship-winning coach, Michael is also a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s global 100 Coaches project. He lives between Denver and Vancouver and has written over 400 posts for his blog.

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