Nick Howe (@Area9Nick) talks about fabric of learning organization to bring #JobsOfFuture #podcast

May 23, 2018


In this podcast Nick Howe (@NickJHowe) from @Area9Learning talks about the transforming world of learning landscape. He shed light on some of the learning challenges and some of the ways learning could match the evolving world and its learning needs. Nick sheds light on some tactical steps that businesses could adopt to create world class learning organization. This podcast is must for learning organization.

1:58 Nick’s journey.
7:02 The evolution of learning.
13:03 On the right teaching methods.
18:04 AI helping in bridging the skill gap.
24:19 Learning how to learn.
30:02 Unconscious incompetence.
34:13 Fixing unconscious incompetence.
42:33 Shortening attention span and the future of learning.
49:20 Tips for reskilling employees.
54:28 What companies are getting wrong in employee training?
57:08 Who owns employee employability?
1:02:02 Who’s responsible for learning in a company?
1:04:46 Nick’s success mantra.
1:07:32 Nick’s favorite reads.
1:09:22 Closing remarks.

Nick’s Recommended Read:
The End of Average: Unlocking Our Potential by Embracing What Makes Us Different by Todd Rose
Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom

Podcast Link:

Nick’s BIO:
Nick Howe is an award winning Chief Learning Officer and business leader with a focus on the application of innovative education technologies. He is the Chief Learning Officer at Area9 Lyceum – one of global leaders in adaptive learning technology, a Strategic Advisor to the Institute of Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida, and board advisor to multiple EdTech startups.

For twelve years Nick was the Chief Learning Officer at Hitachi Data Systems where he built and led the corporate university and online communities serving over 50,000 employees, resellers and customers.

With over 25 years’ global sales, sales enablement, delivery and consulting experience with Hitachi, EDS Corporation and Bechtel Inc., Nick is passionate about the transformation of customer experiences, partner relationships and employee performance through learning and collaboration

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