To an HR, every employee is more than a composition body, mind and emotion – they’re data. If HR can use technology in the way they contact employees, store files

In this video, Claire Haidar, CEO and founder of WNDYR and Pattyrn, indulges in a quick session of questions and answers on random topics revolving around work. To watch the

  In this session, Gabriel Dalporto, chief executive officer at Udacity, discusses some of the key issues concerning retraining and reskilling the workforce. He also shares best practices and strategies

Over time HR has been limited to back office administrative function without much of strategic value to a company. With the onset of Pandemic, organizations are rapidly turning towards HR

In this video, Gabrial Dalporto, chief executive officer at Udacity, indulges us on a quick question and answer session on random topics around work. To watch the full podcast of

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