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October 9, 2019

In this podcast, Richard Taylor sheds light on the importance of employee experience and what some of the things companies could do to ensure empowered workers could take the companies to the future. He sheds some of the insights crucial for HR executives to create a culture of collaboration, growth, and empowerment. This is a must podcast for anyone looking to understand the fabric of growth mindset HR practice to grow the workforce into the future of work…


2:32 Richard’s journey.
7:41 Defining NASDAQ.
9:11 Evolution of employee engagement.
12:02 The right way to look at employees.
15:00 Employee experience in the time of tech revolution.
20:58 Zombie HR.
23:57 Old HR model vs new models.
28:25 Working for a hyper regulated company vs working for hyper growth company.
31:40 Mistakes HR make in employee engagement.
33:35 Advice for fellow HR employees.
37:33 Transactional knoledge vs relational knowledge.
41:08 Is NASDAQ employee centric?
44:05 Fabric of a successful HR organization.
49:26 Richard’s success mantra.
52:37 Richard’s favorite reads.
54:42 Closing remarks.

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Richard’s BIO:
Richard Taylor is the VP of Employee Experience at Nasdaq, where he’s helping to transform people’s relationship with work by re-imagining everything from values & culture, leadership, recognition, careers, to even the day-to-day work environment, processes, and tools. Prior to Nasdaq, Rich has held leadership roles at Palo Alto Networks, LinkedIn, Applied Materials, Reuters, and several startups.

About #Podcast:
Work 2.0 Podcast is created to spark the conversation around the future of work, worker, and workplace. This podcast invite movers and shakers in the industry who are shaping or helping us understand the transformation in work.

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