Scott Harrison (@SRHarrisonJD) on leading the learning organization #JobsOfFuture #Podcast

June 16, 2018


Scott Harrison (@SRHarrisonJD) on leading the learning organization #JobsOfFuture #Podcast

In this podcast Scott Harrison discussed importance of listening as a leader and shared some views on how organizations could keep themselves relevant in the age of change. Scott also shared his views on role of leadership in leading the learning and development of talent of the future. He shared some insights into how aspiring leaders could embrace experience and expertise across various generations belts to work towards a common successful plan. Session is a great watch for aspiring leaders preparing a team that plays a significant role in defining jobs of future.

1:48 Scott’s journey.
5:00 Scott’s current role.
7:09 Challenges in workforce planning for graduates.
9:56 HR role in preserving the cuture of an organization through tech disruption.
15:06 What can big companies learn from the HR in the education system?
19:06 Universities aligning with companies for employability.
24:44 Changing HR system with the changing education system.
28:55 Importance of the generation perspective for the future of any business.
35:47 Doing online vs offline courses.
41:13 Work, life balance.
47:24 Does HR own the employablity of its employees?
50:01 Tenets of a successful HR leader.
52:20 HR’s response to innovation.
55:45 Scott’s success mantra.
57:52 Scott’s favorite reads.
1:00:02 Closing remarks.

Scott’s Recommended Read:
Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips

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Scott’s BIO:
Scott R. Harrison, JD, SPHR is Chief Human Resource Officer at Valparaiso University. Accomplished human resource practitioner and leader, strategic business partner, and change agent. Highly skilled in employee relations, organizational development, interpretation of HR performance metrics, and regulatory compliance. Other key focus areas include total employee wellness, diversity and inclusion, and employee training.

JD, Administrative Law, Labor and Employment Law from Thomas M. Cooley Law School; BA, Communications from Michigan State University

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