WorkPod: Journey to Exit Rich

In this podcast, Michelle Seiler Tucker talked about the challenges of business around mergers and acquisitions. She suggested critical ways businesses could position themselves to find aspirational growth and exit at the maximum value by doing certain things right. A great conversation for anyone seeking to deliver more value from their outcome.

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the author of EXIT RICH: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit and the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She has sold hundreds of businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. She is a leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses, as well as increasing business revenue streams.

A formidable force in her industry, Michelle closes 98% of all offers she writes and, on average, obtains a 20 to 40% higher selling price for her clients. Her remarkable track record proves her persistence and dedication to creating win-win situations for both her buyers and sellers. She has appeared in Forbes, Inc., CNBC, and Fox Business. She has also been a “celebrity judge” on “Pitch Tank” alongside Steve Forbes and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. She lives in New Orleans.

Stage 1: Lead-in
1. Starter: Give your starter pitch 1 point that this book points to:
2. Vishal briefly introduce guest

Stage 2: Subject Matter Expertise
3. What is the state of exit today?
4. Why did you chose to invest yourself in researching M&A
5. What does M&A means in the middle of a pandemic?
6. When is the good time to think about Exit?

Stage 3: Introduction as an author
7. Explain your journey to your current role?
8. Could you share something about your current role?
9. What does your company do?
10. Explain your journey to this book?
11. Why write this book?

Stage 4: Main points on the books
12. Why small business owners and entrepreneurs should be thinking about an exit strategy from day one
13. How to objectively evaluate your business’s worth
14. How and when to sell your business for a maximum profit
15. The biggest mistakes small companies during a downturn that lead to unnecessary business failure
16. Immediate steps for scaling and preparing a business for a profitable exit—even in a recession

Stage 5: Closing
17. What are 1-3 best practices that you think are the key to success in your journey?
18. Do you have any favorite read?
19. As a closing remark, what would you like to tell our audience?

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